microStretching® Theory and Foundations For Health Care (Online)

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1 review for microStretching® Theory and Foundations For Health Care (Online)

  1. Colin Harris

    “The “less is more” approach to intensity will be a breakthrough in the realm of sports and rehabilitation medicine for manual therapists and athletic trainers. Microstretching provides the backing of evidence-based knowledge to the application of stretch therapy and answers the question of stretch intensity and how it is linked to the inflammatory response. As a sports medicine acupuncturist, working with the fascia and other soft tissue is an important adjunct to acupuncture for sports injuries. This emerging specialty changes the mindset on stretching and will only increase positive patient outcomes. Therefore, I would highly recommend this course if you want to deliver results to your clients!” – Colin Harris, MSN, RN, DTCM, R.Ac., C.SMA Certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture

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