microStretching Fundamentals for Fitness Professionals

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2 reviews for microStretching Fundamentals for Fitness Professionals

  1. Thomas Scarr

    “Over the last 8 years, I have taken a lot of online courses to supplement my traditional education. I recently took the Microstretching ‘Fundamentals For Fitness Professionals’ and it was different than any other course I have taken. What made this course far more valuable and useful was Dr. Nikos and his teams ability to display and articulate evidence based literature to their time tested methods. Further, the methods they spoke about were clearly described, which give me various practical methods to take away and implement with my patients and athletes. I would recommend a Microstretching course to any practitioner in our field of strength and conditioning or therapy!” – Thomas Scarr MSc. PT, CSCS

  2. Tom Walsh

    “It easy to implement, incredibly safe and is something clients and athletes can do on their own with no or limited equipment. It’s the kind of modality you only get from someone who not only really pays attention to and understands the science, but has been in the trenches as a practicioner with elite athletes, sedentary individuals and bringing themselves back from their own serious injury with a technique that really works. It is a great thing to have in your coaching toolbox”
    Tom Walsh, CSCS
    Anatomy Gaps

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