microStretching® at Sutherland and Chan Massage School

The microStretching® team spent the afternoon at Sutherland and Chan massage therapy school in Toronto. The staff and students were introduced to the history and key foundations of microStretching. Students were taught about the parameters and principles of the technique currently practiced by physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, osteopaths, as well as kinesiologists. 

The students and our team discussed how microstretching compliments massage therapy sessions greatly, for their mutual appreciation in eliciting the parasympathetic nervous system. In addition, Dr. Nikos elaborated on how this technique not only benefits their patients but themselves (the therapist) as well, in particular, the mitigating of any effects of stress on the practitioner’s body. Before our team left, they got to meet Grace Chan, one of the founders of the school! We wanted to thank the staff for setting up a fun day with the students! 

Recovery and Regeneration – Part 1

Training stimulates the musculoskeletal (MSK) system aimed at increasing sport performance. Adaptation of this system to stressful challenges (physical, mental, and emotional) involves the activation

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