Join the microStretching® movement

medical professionals

Clinician workshops are intended for professions where hands-on manual therapy is within their scope of practice (PT, RMT, R.Kin, AT etc.)

Fitness Professionals

Ideal for S & C Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, other Fitness Professionals, and individuals seeking to improve their health.

Why take a microStretching Workshop

Network with other like minded professionals
Provide a holistic approach to help with pain management in patients or athletes
Advance your toolbox and separate your practice from others
Join our growing network in member community
Enhance patient and athlete outcomes


ALL online certificates do not allow you to perform manual therapy techniques as a therapist certified in microStretching®. In order to practice microStretching® manual therapy, individuals must obtain at least a minimum Level 1 Certificate (mST-L1). The online program allows you to demonstrate and administer self-microstretching® exercises to athletes, patients, or clients. A list of our manual therapy practitioners can be found under “Certified Providers”.