Lower Body Self-Stretching Module






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  • Video demonstrations
  • Relevant Anatomy 
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate
  • No-pre-requisite 
  • Must complete before upper body. 
  • 15-20 lower body self stretches 
  • Powerpoint

The purpose of this lecture is to introduce microStretching®, a recovery and regeneration technique, and why it is a vital component for any athlete training program, influencing sports performance, training, pain management, inflammation and sleep. It explores the history, development and key points, the research, as well as the parameters and principles of microStretching®. To ensure interaction and an understanding of the application of the parameters and principles of microstretching®. A section is dedicated to discussing these concepts referencing both conventional stretching exercises and basic self-micro-stretches, and how microStretching® differs from other forms of stretching for proper recovery and regeneration. This online module includes video and picture demonstrations of self-stretches, including common errors and cues to facilitate the proper microstretch. 

LEarning objectives

Who is the course for?

This course is for fitness and health professionals looking to expand their knowledge about a cost-effective and evidenced based approach towards recovery, regeneration and relaxation. This course is ideal for strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors (Yoga etc), and coaches. With completion of the course, you will gain access to our members platform!

Learning Path

  • Introduction and history of microStretching
  • Autonomic Nervous System 
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Quizzes and key points
  • microStretching Research 
  • Acute inflammatory response to stretching
  • Muscle function (muscle function, isometric peak torque and perceived muscle soreness)
  • Dose dependent response to stretching 
  • Parameters and principles of microStretching
  • Comparisons of microstretching to traiditonal stretching
  • Video demonstrations of microstretching exercises for the muscles of the lower and mid back
  • Soleus, Gastrocnemius, Tibialis Anterior, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Hip Flexor, Adductors, Abductors, Quadratus Lumborum, Erector Spinae
  • Relevant Anatomy 
  • Quizzes and key points

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