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A unique system backed by research using gentle low intensity passive and static stretching, and the principle of SBC™ to decrease neuro-muscular tension and facilitate the body's natural healing. microStretching® is a paradigm shift challenging the notion of no pain no gain. It engages the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for healing. To facilitate this, the principle of SBC™ and specific parameters are used to promote the relaxation response.
This approach is focused on the recovery, regeneration, and relaxation of the body. It is not solely a stretching technique. Although the technique doesn't focus on flexibility, improvements are commonly observed.
microStretching® is an evidence based approach supporting the clinical observations dating back to the 1990's. microStretching® research examined the relationship between stretch intensity and the inflammatory response. This research was published by Springer.
Passive microStretching®
A form of manual therapy using the microStretching® parameters and principle of SBC™ focused on decreasing neuro-muscular tension and fully engaging the relaxation response. This system of low intensity passive static stretching can be used for numerous clinical applications involving both physical and emotional healing.
Self microStretching®
Unlike traditional stretching, microStretching® self-stretches adhere to the principle of SBC™ and the parameters of microStretching® which makes stretching more effective and enjoyable. These self-stretches are a practical and cost effective approach  towards recovery and regeneration.  


microStretching® workshops and website information are not meant to diagnose or offer medical advice. If you require medical advice please speak to your doctor or other health care providers. If you have an existing condition consult with your health care provider prior to attempting microStretching. Low-intensity stretching is generally accepted as safe. 

microStretching®  is not intended to cure or prevent disease and cannot guarantee results. microStretching ®, the faculty, instructors and entities are not responsible for any injuries that may occur outside of any courses using the technique or concepts. 

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