Manual Therapy

microStretching®  manual therapy is a unique evidence based system of low intensity passive static stretching which can be used for numerous clinical applications involving both physical and emotional healing. An important component of microStretching®  manual therapy is ensuring that the therapists reduce the amount of work, wear and tear on their own bodies while performing therapy. During the manual therapy course, therapists will use specific principles to not only facilitate relaxation of their patients but their own body. 

Sports Performance
Commonly used as a recovery and regeneration technique to help improve performance.
Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation
A clear cut system of gentle stretching providing a holistic approach to treating pain, inflammation, and MSK conditions.
Aging Population
The aging process results in the natural loss of elasticity in muscles and tendons, which can cause stiffness in your joints and a decline in your flexibility.
Stress Relief
Gentle and relaxing, microStretching can be used to help with stress management, PTSD, and anxiety.

microStretching® is a therapeutic and performance enhancement technique that has been used in various populations. It has been used in professional sports leagues such as the NHL, NBA, EPL and MLS. It has also been applied to treat individuals suffering from fibromylgia, chronic fatigue, repetitive strain injuries, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis as well as  other musculoskeletal disorders.

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