Terms and Conditions Update

ALL online course certificates do not allow you to perform manual therapy techniques as a therapist certified in microStretching®. In order to practice microStretching® manual therapy, individuals must obtain at least a minimum Level 1 Certificate (mST-L1). The online course allows you to demonstrate and administer self-microstretching® exercises to athletes, patients, or clients. You can verify a certificate or anyone claiming to be a therapist certified in microStretching® by contacting courses@microstretching.com

Join our growing network and be a part of the microStretching® movement!

mST- L Course Requirements & Prerequisites
Participants must be in a profession where assisted or one on one stretching is within their scope of practice. For some professions, we will require participants  to provide proof from their organization. You must also complete the online Theory and Foundations course.
mST Courses (Level 1,2,3 & Mastery)
Courses are composed of theory, technical and practical sessions of both active and passive microStretching®. Participants will be assessed during the course and are required to log microStretching treatments to advance. Courses are split by anatomical regions.
Mastery Level
A mastery level graduate of the microStretching® courses will have the ability to teach and conduct microstretching courses both online and in-person.

Course Advancement

Course advancement improves your microStretching® skills  to enhance patient/athlete outcomes, help differentiate your practice from others and more: 

  • Become a trained microStretching® (Level 1,2,3 Mastery) professional in your area where athletes and patients can find you. 
  • Be able to conduct microStretching® courses, classes, and team consultations.

Why take a microStretching Course?

Provide a holistic approach to help with pain management in patients or athletes.

Advance your "toolbox" and separate your practice from others.

Join a growing network of professionals using microStretching® around the world.

Become a microStretching® specialist through our Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 course advancement.

Have access to different microStretches.

Enhance athlete/patient performance and outcomes.

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