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Professional Courses

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Strength Coaches, Trainers, Instructors, FItness and Wellness Professionals
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mST-L1 : microStretching® Level 1

Courses are focused on the lower body. 

mST-L2: microStretching® Level 2

Courses focus on the lumbar and thoracic regions.

mST-L3: microStretching® Level 3

Courses focus on the shoulders and cervical region. 


The highest achievement awarded. Eligible to conduct and instruct microStretching courses, classes, etc.

  • Each level will contain Theory, Technical, and Practical
  • Technical and written assessments
  • Complete Practical Requirement (Meeting log hours outside of the course are required to advance).
  • Case Studies
  • Patient/Therapist Stretching
  • Self Stretching
  • Mastery Level assessments are performed on Dr. Apostolopoulos

microStretching® Course Progressions

 Course advancement improves your microstretching skills  to enhance patient/athlete outcomes and it provides you with more.

  • For each level you will be listed on our website as a trained microStretching (Level 1,2,3 Mastery) professional in your area where patients can find you.
  • Gives you the ability to communicate with our network and access more microStretches and specific injury adaptations.
  • Be part of growing our network and team.
  • Be able to conduct microStretching courses, classes, and team consultations.

Why take a microStretching Course?

Provide a holistic approach to help with pain management in patients or athletes.

Advance your "toolbox" and separate your practice from others.

Join a growing network of professionals using microStretching® around the world.

Become a microStretching® specialist through our Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 course advancement.

Have access to different microStretches.

Enhance athlete/patient performance and outcomes.

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