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microStretching® Level 1 is intended course is intended for professions where hands-on manual therapy is within their scope of practice (PT, RMT, R.Kin, AT etc.). The Fundamentals for Fitness Professionals (FFP) is for S & C coaches, coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and individuals seeking to increase their health.

microStretching involves both active (self) and passive or assisted stretching (therapist & patient). In order to participate in assisted stretching and manual therapy courses, you must be in a profession where this is within your scope of practice. 

microStretching® can be done both actively (self-stretching) and passively. Passive microStretching is a table based stretching technique using the principle of SBC™.

microStretching® is about recovery and regeneration, and not about flexibility training . However, a byproduct of this low intensity passive static stretching technique is an improvement in flexibility.

microStretching® challenges the notion of “no pain no gain”, in fact the greatest “gain is made with no pain”. This non-invasive, pain free technique, developed through evidence- based practice, looks at the relationship between stretching intensity and inflammation.

Nikos C. Apostolopoulos PhD is the founder of Stretch Therapy™ & microStretching®. After suffering a serious motor vehicle accident in 1989, resulting in a spinal fusion at C5-C6, he created microStretching® in order to help himself recover. The thing he noticed was that a gentle low intensity stretch produced the best results for pain alleviation. microStretching® was developed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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