ALL online certificates do not allow you to perform manual therapy techniques as a therapist certified in microStretching®. In order to practice microStretching® manual therapy, individuals must obtain at least a minimum Level 1 Certificate (mST-L1). The online program allows you to demonstrate and administer self-microstretching® exercises to athletes, patients, or clients. You can verify a certificate or anyone claiming to be a therapist certified in microStretching® by contacting info@microstretching.com

Level 1 Toronto, Canada- April 10, 11 2021 SOLD OUT

Practical Applications for Health Care Professionals
Clinician workshops are intended for professions where hands-on manual therapy is within their scope of practice (PT, RMT, R.Kin, AT etc.)
The Level 1 In-class hands-on workshop is focused on demonstrating and teaching microStretching®, a passive manual stretching technique developed by the founder of Stretch Therapy™ and microStretching®, Dr. Nikos C. Apostolopoulos. In this 20- hour (mostly hands on lab based) workshop participants will be taken through a series of lower body micro-stretches, as developed, and practiced since 1995. Upon completing the workshop, one will demonstrate both the knowledge and proper use of the core “principles” of microStretching®: stretching intensity, duration, frequency, and volume; stability, balance, control (SBC®); and microStretching stretch sequencing. To help alleviate any unnecessary stress on your body when stretching your patient/client, you will be taught the proper placement of your own body during microStretching®. In addition to learning how to passively stretch the lower body of your patients/clients, you will also be trained in the “active” microStretching self- stretches, enabling you to recommend a proper sequence of microStretches, facilitating the continuation of their therapy.

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Saturday April 10 1pm - 9:00 PM,
Sunday April 11 8:30am - 5:30PM
Location: Kinnected Chain - 250 Don Park Road Unit 9, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Price: $800 CAD
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Theory and Foundations - Online
microStretching® Theory and Foundations has been constructed for certified athletic trainers and other credentialed health care professions in an effort to create common knowledge across these disciplines. The goal of this course is to introduce another hands-on therapeutic tool aiding in the recovery/regeneration, and pain management of athletes or patients with the use of low intensity stretching. The Virtual workshop explores the history and development of microStretching®.  In addition, participants will be introduced to the key foundations and research behind microStretching®, its effect on muscle soreness, isometric and eccentric peak torque, biomarkers of inflammation (or the relationship of stretching and inflammation), and tissue oxygenation, just to name a few. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to differentiate microStretching® from traditional stretching, evaluate the benefits of this therapeutic technique for acute pain, inflammation, sleep, as well as compare and contrast the effects of high-intensity versus low-intensity stretching. Focused on the lower body.



Price $110 (CAD)
Dates: TBA
Online (Zoom)
Available seats: 15
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