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Why is microStretching® different?

A recovery-regeneration modality

microStretching® is not about stretching, it is about aiding in the recovery and regeneration of the body with low intensity passive static stretching. However improvements in both passive and active ranges of motion are commonly observed.

Zero Muscle Activation

microStretching® exercises are based on the priniciple of stability, balance, and control (SBC). microStretching® does not use any muscle activation techniques (i.e., PNF stretching).

Less is more

The greatest "gain is made with no pain". microStretching® is an "out of box, paradigm shift" technique where the intensity of the stretch will surprise your athletes, patients, and yourself.

Supported by evidence based research

Dr. Apostolopoulos's research was the first to investigate low intensity passive static stretching, inflammation, and human participants. His research is published by Springer-Nature (Stretch Intensity and the Inflammatory Response-A Paradigm Shift).


With microstretching® one notices a greater relaxation during treatment.

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